The latest complete schedule of the World Cup: Spain VS […]


The latest complete schedule of the World Cup: Spain VS Germany, November 28th at 3 o\’clock
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国际足联更改了世界杯赛程,最新完整赛程如下( All Beijing time).

The first round of schedule:

At 18:00 on November 21: Senegal vs Dutch

At 21:00 on November 21: England vs Iran

November 22 0:00: Qatar vs Ecuador

November 22: 3:00 on November 22: American VS Wales/Scotland/Ukraine

November 22: Saudi Arabia

21:00 on November 22: Denmark vs Tunisia

November 23 00:00: Mexico vs Polish

November 23rd 3:00: France vs Australia/UAE/Peru

At 18:00 on November 23: Morocco vs Croatia

November 23:00: Germany vs Japan

November 24 0 o\’clock on the day: Spain VS Costa Rica/New Zealand

November 24th: Belgium VS Canada

November 24th: Swiss vs Cameroon

21:00 on November 24: Uruguay vs South Korea

00:00 on November 25: Portugal VS Ghana

November 25th at 3:00: Brazil VS Serbia

The second round of schedule:

November 25th at 18:00: Wales/Scotland/Ukraine vs Iran

At 21:00 on November 25: Qatar vs Senegal

0:00 on November 26: Dutch VS Ecuador

3:00 on November 26: England vs United States

November 26th at 18:00: Tunisia vs Australia/UAE/Peru

At 21:00 on November 26: Polish VS Saudi Arabia

November 27 0:00: French VS Denmark

November 27th 3:00: Argentina vs Mexico

At 18:00 on November 27th, Japan VS Costa Rica/New Zealand

At 21:00 on November 27: Belgium vs Morocco

November 28 0:00: Croatia VS Canada

3:00 on November 28, Spain VS Germany

November 28:00: South Korea VS Ghana

November 28th at 18:00 : Cameroon VS Serbia

November 29 0:00: Brazil vs Switzerland

November 29th at 3 o\’clock: Portugal VS Uruguay

The third round:

At 23:00 on November 29th, the Netherlands vs Qatar, Ecuador VS Senegal

At 3 o\’clock on November 30, Wales/Scotland/Ukraine vs England, Iran vs United States

At 23 o\’clock on November 30th, Tunisia vs France, Australia/UAE/Peru VS Denmark

At 3 o\’clock on December 1, Saudi VS Mexico, Polish vs Argentina

At 23 o\’clock on December 1, Croatia vs Belgium, Canada VS Morocco

3:00 on December 2, Japan VS Spain, Costa Rica/New Zealand vs Germany

December 23:00 , South Korea VS Portugal, Ghana VS Uruguay

At 3 o\’clock on December 3, Serbia vs Switzerland, Cameroon vs Brazil

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